If You Can Make It Here You Can Make It Anywhere

As the summer comes to an end, I can’t help but be so thankful for the opportunities that I’ve had thus far.

Last week was the ending of my time in New York city and it was most definitely a memorable one.

On Wednesday, I went shopping at Brandy Melville, H&M and Aritzia with my friends from work.

On Thursday after work I headed to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I went to the Alexander McQueen exhibit and was so inspired. His work is truly brilliant.

Afterward I headed to the Upper East Side with some friends for food and fun! Our second to last night in the city was definitely one to remember.

On Friday, my last day of work, I went to a photo shoot as the assistant to my boss. It was a wonderful day and I met a lot of great people. The models were incredible and everyone working on the shoot was a lot of fun! My name was also put on the call sheet.

After the photo shoot I went to dinner with my boss Jen at the Smile in the Lower East Side. It was a phenomenal dinner with great friends!

It was my two year anniversary with Mischa on Friday as well and I came home to a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a giant cookie cake.

For what I thought would be my last night in New York City, I headed to SoHo with all of my closest friends from the summer.

On Saturday my parents came in to pick me up to head home for the school year. We wandered around the city for one last day and then they surprised me by staying for Saturday night and not leaving until Sunday! Saturday night we had dinner at Tao and dessert with a few of my friends at The View on top of the Marriott Marquis where we were staying. It was a wonderful last night. On Sunday we had brunch at Hundred Acres in SoHo and went to the Alexander Wang sample sale. It was a perfect ending to a perfect summer. I’ll be back New York City, don’t forget to remember me.

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Don’t Want to Miss a Thing

The final countdown has begun. Only two more days in the office and one last photo shoot on Friday. It’s such a bittersweet time since I miss my friends and family but obviously never want to leave this city. I’m already planning next summer’s NYC internship and housing because I won’t take no for an answer. You either love it or you don’t and I knew from day one which kind of person I was.

After work today I met up with my roommate and we went to Dylan’s Candy Bar which is owned by Dylan Lauren, the daughter of Ralph Lauren. The different candy combinations that they came up with were pretty amazing! Afterward we went to our favorite inexpensive sushi place around the corner called Toyama.




Today I wore a dress from E Street, a boutique in Chicago, and Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes. I can only wear a few of my heels because my tattoo is still healing. Frustrating but still so worth it! We worked on the wardrobe for this Friday’s shoot. There are three very different shots that require a lot of clothing. I can’t wait!

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Christmas in July

The last weekend in July was pretty amazing! My brother was here for the entire week and weekend and we did an abundance of touristy things but they were great.

$1 dollar pizza was our best friend this week. The smallest hole in the wall makes the best pizza.

Friday night we went to a very fun sushi bar with 12 of us. It was the start of a great night!

Saturday we made our way to Long Beach on Long Island again. It was a beautiful but very hot day!

When we got back from the beach, we went to visit Wall Street in the evening. It was definitely top on my brother’s list but I ended up enjoying the trip as well!

Afterward, we had dinner in Chinatown and dessert in Greenwich Village at the famous Magnolia’s Bakery. Their cupcakes truly are the best!

On Sunday my roommate and I decided to see an off Broadway show called Love, Loss and What I Wore. The show featured five ladies who performed a plethora of monologues reminiscing on moments based on what they wore during them. It’s definitely a great show!

Tonight my roommate and I went to the Marriott Marquis Hotel and went up to The View restaurant on the top. It slowly rotates in a circle so you get a chance to see all of New York City! It was a fun experience.

Back to work tomorrow for my final four days! I can’t believe this is almost over. But I’ll be back, don’t worry 😉



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Hold On To Whatever You Find

Another hot day in the city made for a long but exciting one! Work was a bit stressful because there was so much going on and a bit of tension in the office. After work my brother and I went to Central Park and walked around for a bit. Then we met my roommate and friend for dinner at Ellen’s Stardust Diner where the Broadway actors sing to you!

Today I wore a dress from Target, a lace top from Aritzia and Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes. Tomorrow is Thursday which means it’s almost the weekend!

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I Have Been Changed For Good

The past two days have been tons of fun with my brother visiting and all. Yesterday we both took the day off and went from Little Italy to Ground Zero to Bodies the Exhibition!

In Little Italy we had a great lunch and walked around briefly.

Later on we walked over to Bodies the Exhibition near Pier 19 and passed under the Brooklyn Bridge.

After walking over to Ground Zero and taking the Path train to New Jersey, we headed home for a bit. We went to Caliente Cab for dinner which was inexpensive Mexican food. Afterward we walked over to Bryant Park and had coffee.

Today after work I met some friends at Bryant Park and then headed to Mustang Harry’s for dinner.

Work was busy today but went by fairly quickly. We had an intern discussion with the editor-in-chief. It was remarkable and so inspirational!

I wore a Hawk brand top from Urban Outfitters, an Aritzia skirt and Audrey & Brooke pumps.

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Live Your Life

What an awesome last few days it has been.. I’ll start by saying that I did some crazy things but not too crazy.

Thursday night Denise and I went to dinner at The Park Bar & Restaurant down in the meatpacking district. It was a great time and we met up with her family friends for one of their birthdays!

Friday was my day off so I spent it shopping in Soho for inexpensive street items. I found this fake David Yurman for $5 dollars as well as the gray studded wrap around bracelet. I got prints from a vendor, rings and two clothing items from Aritzia.

Friday night I met up with a couple friends from high school, Alison and Tom. Later on we met up with some of my friends from work and friends from my apartment building. It was a great night.

Saturday morning Tom, Kara and I got on the subway bright and early and headed to Rockaway Beach in Queens.

The beach was a bit more urban than we expected but all in all it was a relaxing day.

Me and Kara on the boardwalk.

Urban Queens neighborhoods make the perfect photo op.

Later on Saturday night Kara and I went to the famous Whitman’s Restaurant to have the Juicy Lucy burger that was featured on Man vs. Food. It was incredible! It’s a burger filled with cheese inside and it is to die for.

Sunday after I picked up my brother from the Newark Airport, we headed down to Chinatown and had Vanessa’s Dumplings for dinner. On our way we came across some interesting New York City art.

Sunday night was a memorable part of my weekend because I got a tattoo! It is truth in Italian- verita with a latin accent on the a. I am very happy with the place I went to and the results!

Afterward we went to Times Square for a bit and also the public library where Carrie Bradshaw and Big were split at the altar.

They were filming a movie at the library because there were huge stage lights and snow created on the steps. We missed whatever it was, but it was cool to see the setting.

A great weekend is now leading into a great week. More to come!

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Another Successful Shoot

After waking up at 5am and spending a long day in Bridgehampton for the photo shoot, I realized it was one of the greatest days of my summer. I cannot wait to see the photos that come from this shoot are get published in the November issue.  The model was beautiful and a doll to work worth, the entire crew was fantastic, and the location was amazing. It was at my editor’s parents summer home and it was the most perfect set up for the look we were going for.  The catering as always was to die for and this time I got to see most of the photos actually being taken. The model was not camera shy, in fact she was the exact opposite and we loved it! I’m crashing early since I have to be in the office at 10am tomorrow. It was all so worth it.

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